Our Mission

Accessing the Past Digital History Collaborative (APDHC) is a cooperative partnership with the Palm Springs Public Library, the City of Palm Springs, the California State Library, and other community partners. Together we are making our historic collections digitally available to anyone, anywhere in the world, and connecting people to information.

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Becoming A Partner

Membership Opportunities

Membership in APDHC is open to archives, libraries, museums, associations, organizations, research centers, as well as past or present community members who have unique collections that reflect the history of Palm Springs and the Coachella Valley.


Partners agree to provide a digitized copy of the items to APDHC, along with the accompanying metadata, to the APDHC database.  Ownership of all digital content remains with the partner or copyright holder; APDHC does not claim ownership.  APDHC exists as a separate entity from any of its governing organizations and, without ownership, merely serves to make the collection items accessible to the public.

Ownership versus Access

Partners should be aware that there are two components to collection items: the digital object, generally defined as image, sound, text or video files and the metadata, defined as information about the digital object. The digital object may be retained by either the partner or APDHC per the partner’s preference.  APDHC makes no claim to the digital object files, even if it retains the digital object. It is therefore vital that all partners understand that they alone, own, and must manage, their digital object files.  APDHC is only responsible for providing public access to a derivative file (a lower resolution copy of the original image file, sound file, etc.) and the metadata.